Unique Faux Painting and Custom Projects for Your Denham Springs Home

Your home is as unique as you and needs special care and attention. When it comes to paying close attention to detail, SR Enterprise excels with their custom project and faux painting services. No matter the concern, we help your home look beautiful with expert craftsmanship and custom services.

Faux Painting Finishes

We specialize in bringing unique textures and appearances to your walls, appliances, furniture, and more. With our faux painting service, your standard walls can look like wood or your oven can look like stone. Our professional painters excel in creating beautiful finishes that make your items unique.


When you have beautiful wood throughout your home, you need someone to restore and refinish it with extra care and precision. At SR Enterprise, we restore wood pieces with special attention to detail so none of the natural beauty is lost.

Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings can be an eyesore and a pain to manage. Our team of experienced painters know how to fix, paint, and remove popcorn ceilings safely and efficiently. When you are ready for a house update, call SR Enterprise to push your home into the future with popcorn ceiling removal services.


Knowing paint tendencies and requirements is a given for us at SR Enterprise but we also excel in stain work. When you need trim, doors, or other pieces stained for a beautiful finish, we have you covered with our staining services.

Trim Work

Redoing you trim requires patience and precision. At SR Enterprise, our team is dedicated to providing quality trim work with attention to detail so your trim work helps everything in your home pop. From painting to staining, we ensure your trim looks great to give your home the perfect touch.

When it comes to custom projects for your home, SR Enterprise provides quality craftsmanship and services. We even provide a craftsmanship warranty to guarantee that our services will last or we will make it right at no additional charge. Call us today for your faux painting or custom project and love your home for years to come.