Wall Covering Installation and Removal in the Denham Springs Area

When people think of wallpaper, the first thing that generally comes to mind is the kind of wallpaper with outdated patterns that peels too easily and adds years to a home’s age. That’s not the kind of wall cover design and installation you get with SR Enterprise as your dedicated wall cover/ wallpaper contractors.

We give our clients a variety of choices in wall covers to design their walls with a style that adds texture and dimension to a room. And best of all, we not only help you find a style that works, our contractors will also professionally remove your current wall cover and install your new design for a flawless finish with great durability to last you for years to come.


Professional Wall Cover Installation

When it comes to choosing the right wall coverings to tie in the ambiance of the entire room, you can trust SR Enterprise to help you choose the right design and get the job done right the first time. Whether you’re wanting a classic wall covering or want a more modern, cutting edge look with textured wall coverings, our team is professionally skilled to install a stylistic look that will also provide long-lasting protection to your walls.

We Handle Wall Cover Repairs and Removal

With so many interior decorating DIY ideas out there, it can be easy to get caught up in a home project before you realize that it can be too much to handle without professional help. Before you damage your walls, call SR Enterprise to safely repair or remove your current wall cover to ensure that your remodeling project begins on the right foot and damage-free.

Wall Cover Contractors That Don’t Leave a Mess

New construction and remodeling projects can be exciting until you are left with a big mess to clean. As guests in your home, we take the extra time to complete every project professionally with an end-of-project cleanup. No need to hire a cleaning service to pick up our mess – we leave your home looking exactly how it was. The only thing we leave behind is the amazing style of your newly covered walls.

For professional wall cover removal and installation services, contact SR Enterprise today for a free estimate.